I am a photographer and graphic designer. I am a photographer because I love the way that an image can portray a moment, a thought, a feeling….it can show the truth behind the words and transport you to a different time. I am a designer because I love to work with technology (I am a geek in the truest sense!) and I am lucky enough to have grown up in an era when technological advances have well surpassed my rate of growth. I love building websites because I love to code, I love the moment when something is just not quite right and then…Eureka! when I’m driving or cycling or talking with my young son the solution jumps right out at me!

I believe that as the customer you know the best direction for your brand and your design. With most of the people I work with; their brand, company, website is their baby, their vision and I see myself as a facilitator, a problem solver…I always work closely with clients, giving advice but never demanding they take it! If you think this way of working suits you, drop me a line. I love working with passionate people!